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Aliens In the Family


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Jim Henson Productions

Characters & Voices
Doug Brody - John Bedford Lloyd
Cookie - Margaret Trigg
Adam - Chris Marquette
Heather -
Spit -
Snizzy -
Bobut - John Kennedy
Sally -
The Brady Bunch meets Alf. If you think that sounds like a winner for ABC’s TGIF lineup, congratulations, you may already be a programming executive. Actually, the show only ran two episodes on Friday nights before moving to ABC’s Saturday morning schedule for the rest of its brief run.

Earth dad Doug Brody was abducted by aliens, fell in love, married extraterrestrial Cookie, and returned to earth to raise Doug’s kids Heather and Adam. But here’s the kicker: Cookie was already living with three aliens of her own (Spit, Snizzy, and Bobut). And that’s the way they all became the Brody bunch.

Aliens in the Family launched zingers at traditional family sitcoms (one episode was called “A Very Brody Tweeznax”), including casting infant Bobut as the would-be emperor of the universe, his schemes always foiled by nanny Sally and her tempting chocolate pudding.

Unfortunately, the show fared no better on Saturday mornings than it did Friday nights, leading to cancellation after only eight episodes.
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