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A Christmas Toy


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Jim Henson Productions
Christmas special

Characters & Voices
Jack - in
Kermit - Jim Henson
The toys in the toy room are getting ready for another Christmas. Rugby was the prize gift from last Christmas and he gets all excited because he thinks that he will be the prize gift this year. No matter what any of the other toys tell him, he thinks that he has to get to the Christmas tree and into the box to be opened on Christmas morning. If any of the toys get caught not in the same place it was left, it gets frozen forever. Rugby gets all the way down to the tree unnoticed, accompanied by Mew, but finds an action doll named Meteora in the box where he thinks he is supposed to go. A rescue team of toys, including Apple and Belmont, sets out upstairs to bring Rugby back to the toy room before he gets caught. They find him downstairs arguing with the doll. Meterora returns to the box, and Rugby goes back with the rest of the toys to their room. In the end, the new toys that were received for Christmas are brought to the toy room and when the people leave they are welcomed by the other toys. Plus they all sing a song with Kermit.
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