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A Claymation Easter


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Vinton Studios
Easter special


Characters & Voices
Easter Bunny (E.B.) -
Wilshire -
Vinnie -
Dr. Spike Rabbit -
Wilshire is a pig that is trying to make a fortune, but can't seem to come up with a plan to do so. He tries this shark-proof suit, but winds up having his friend, Vinnie, swallowed whole by the shark. He then overhears on the radio and interview with the Easter Bunny. A call-in asks him if it is true that he turned down an offer of $5 million to do a commercial, and E.B. agrees that he did so. Wilshire got an idea after hearing that. He decides to kidnap the Easter Bunny and take his place. He poses as a vacuum cleaner salesman and goes to the Easter Bunny's house. He then turns the vacuum on and sucks every last thing into it, including E.B. Wilshire then visits Dr. Spike Rabbit, while wearing a rabbit suit and professing his need to be a rabbit. The doctor caves in after some begging and gives books to Wilshire that explains all of the secrets about a rabbit's way of life. He also does some personal training, like vegetable stealing in Mr. McGregor's garden and the art of Freeway Crossing. After being brought home from a hard day, Spike stumbles upon E.B. Wilshire traps them both an prepares himself for the next day's Olympic events to decide the new Easter Bunny. All sorts of events were lined up, like delivering eggs, incubation race, and freeway crossing. E.B. and Spike were tied up above the shark tank, where they get swallowed whole just like Vinnie, who they happen to meet in the shark's stomach. In the end, they get free by making the shark's stomach upset and are spit out. They fly through the air and land at the stadium where the games are being held. E.B. Lands in the throne right in front of Wilshire, and Spike and Vinnie right next to him. Wilshire's plans were foiled.
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