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Wish Kid starring Macaulay Culkin


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Characters & Voices
Nick McClary - Macaulay Culkin
Katie McClary - Quinn Culkin
What do you get the kid who has everything? Preteen superstar Macaulay Culkin was a box office goldmine, fresh off the phenomenal success of the first Home Alone film, and it seemed like the world was his oyster. But there was one thing young Mac didn’t have… a magic, wish-granting baseball glove. So DIC gave him one.

The animated WishKid Starring Macaulay Culkin had a live-action appearance from its title star at the beginning of each episode, wherein he explained the show’s premise. Nick McClary, Culkin’s animated character, was in possession of a fantastic glove which, if punched three times, would grant any wish his wee heart could desire. The only catch was that the glove could be used just once per week.

Nick’s best friend, Darryl Singletary, was the only one in on the secret, and he always managed to get tangled up in Nick’s adventures. Nick’s reporter/photographer father and real estate agent mother were usually away from home, so the only suspicions came from nosy neighbor Mrs. Opal. Aside from Mrs. Opal, Nick also had to deal with his baby sister Katie (voiced by Mac’s little sister Quinn) and local bully Frankie Dutweiler.

NBC ran the series for a single season, but The Family Channel immediately picked up the reruns. In 1994, WishKid’s fondest wish came true, and The Family Channel commissioned 52 all-new episodes. Bless you, magic glove.
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