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Betty Boop


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Fleischer Studios

Characters & Voices
Betty Boop -
Pudgy -
Bobo the Clown -
Bimbo -
Grampy -
Ko - Ko
Betty was originally styled to be a cross between singer/actress Helen Kane and a poodle in 1930 by animator Grim Natwick. Two years later, the dog features were done away with and she became the adorable Betty that became famous overnight. In her cartoons she got herself into dangerous situations most of the time, but with either her own cunning or from the help of others she managed to escape. Her friends were Bimbo and Ko-Ko, two of Fleischer studios' older alumni. Grampy was a very helpful ally who had a light-bulb mortar board hat that he used to solve impossible situations. She disappeared by the end of the 30's, only to be resurrected over 50 years later in a tv special called "The Romance of Betty Boop".
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