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A Flintstone Christmas


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Hanna Barbera
Christmas special

Characters & Voices
Fred - Henry Corden
Barney - Mel Blanc
Wilma - Jean VanderPyl
Betty - Gay Hartwig
Pebbles - Gay Hartwig
Bamm - Bamm
Mrs. Santa Claus - Virginia Gregg
Santa Claus - Hal Smith
Ed - Don Messick
Otis - Don Messick
Mr. Slate - John Stephenson
In this special, the wives try to get Fred to dress up like Santa for a Christmas party. Of course, he refuses, When Mr. Slate tells him that his wife wants Fred to do it, he says that he will. On Christmas Eve, the real Santa winds up tripping on Fred's roof and spraining his ankle. Now that the real Santa is hurt, Fred and Barney have to make the deliveries in his place. On their journey, they lose some of the gifts and have to reload at the North Pole, making them really late for the party. The finish delivering, and get to the party, only to find Mr. Slate very upset. The use some Christmas magic to give the kids their gifts and liven everything back up.
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