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A Flintstones' Christmas Carol


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Hanna Barbera
Christmas special


Characters & Voices
Fred - Henry Corden
Wilma - Jean VanderPyl
Barney - Frank Welker
Dino - Frank Welker
Betty - B. J. Ward
Pebbles - Russi Taylor
Bamm - Bamm
Joe - Don Messick
Mr. Slate - John Stephenson
Maggie - Marsha Clark
Miss Feldspar - Marsha Clark
Ned - Will Ryan
Ghost of Christmas Present - Brian Cummings
Philo - Rene Levant
Charles - John Rhys Davis
In this special, Fred gets to be Scrooge in the Bedrock Community Theatre version of "The Christmas Carol". As the play draws nearer, Fred begins to act the part in real life. He winds up forgetting to buy presents and neglecting his family. When he does go shopping, he has to leave the gifts there to get wrapped and make his appearance at opening night. The cast of the show begins to catch the Bedrock Bug and Wilma has to take over their parts in the show, as well as being Stage Manager and Costume Designer. During the play, he realizes that he was wrong for acting the way he was and after the show gives his family a real Christmas.
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