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A Garfield Christmas Special


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Christmas special

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Garfield - Lorenzo Music
John, Garfield, and Odie go to John's families' house in the country for Christmas. When they arrive, Garfield sees John's grandmother sitting all alone in a rocking chair by the window. He jumps up on her lap and they just sit and be lazy together. John's grandmother is very lonely because she misses her husband, who passed away. Garfield tries to cheer her up, but nothing seems to work. Elsewhere, Odie is trying to think of something to make for a present for Garfield. He rigs some gardening tools together and makes a back scratcher. While Garfield is exploring the barn, he comes across old love letters that were written for John's Grandmother when she was being courted by her late husband. Garfield wraps them up and gives them to her as a present. Everyone, in the end, loves their gifts and they all sing a carol together.
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