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Brand Spanking New Doug


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:

Characters & Voices
Doug - Thomas McHugh
Patty - Connie Shulman
Skeeter - Fred Newman
Ned - Fred Newman
Mr. Dink - Fred Newman
Porhchop - Fred Newman
Stinky - Fred Newman
Beebe - Alice Playten
Roger - Chris Phillips
Theda - Becca Lish
Judy - Becca Lish
Connie - Becca Lish
Likeable preteen Doug Funnie got a new network, a new airtime, and a whole new set of adolescent problems in 1996’s Brand Spanking New Doug. Produced under the Disney banner for a Saturday morning run, the new series sent Doug and friends (and enemies) to Bluffington’s new junior high school, which was named after and shaped like rich girl Beebe Bluff. Doug brought along his familiar green sweater vest, brown shorts, and vivid imagination.

Doug still secretly admired Patti Mayonnaise, his best friend was still Skeeter Valentine, and Roger Klotz was still the local bully, but the new series brought a few surprising changes. As if Doug’s theatrical older sister Judy weren’t enough of a problem sibling, Doug’s mom became pregnant with another child. Clearly, life still had its ups and downs for Doug, but the mild-mannered, intelligent boy persevered with pluck, wit, and the occasional help of alter ego Quailman.

The rest of Bluffington’s residents included Roger Klotz’s flunky Ned Valentine, slow-witted neighbor Mr. Dink, Roger’s pet cat Stinky, and of course, Doug’s spunky dog Porkchop. Like the original Doug, the new series focused on the everyday lives of Doug and company—exploring the Deep Woods, hanging out at Swirly’s or Lucky Duck Park, and taking the occasional trip to Funkytown. Doug’s world was wacky and colorful, but his problems and adventures were ones every kid could understand.

After only eight weeks on Saturday morning, Brand Spanking New Doug became so popular that Disney expanded the program to a full hour. The next season, the show became the anchor of Disney’s new One Saturday Morning block. In 1999, Doug even starred in his first movie, appropriately titled Doug’s First Movie. The show continues to be a Saturday morning favorite.
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