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A Wish for Wings that Work


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Christmas special

Characters & Voices
The Ducks - Joe Alaskey
Truffles - Joe Alaskey
Opus - Michael Bell
Bill the Cat - John Byner
The Chicken - Tress MacNeille
Milquetoast - Dustin Hoffman
The Kiwi - Robin Williams
Ronald - Ann
Santa - Frank Welker
Opus wishes he could fly, so much that he writes a letter to Santa to bring him wings that work. The ducks always mock him because he is a bird that can't fly. On his journey to Ronald-Ann's house he meets up with his best friend, Bill. Throughout the whole show, Opus and Bill knock down a group of Christmas Carollers. Ronald-Ann is holding a meeting for the depressed birds in the area. One of them is a Kiwi who lost his wife to an Albatross, and the other is a chicken that thinks she is a pilot in the war. Opus gets a little annoyed and leaves. On his way out he sees Milquetoast at the step in a dress with mini coconuts for boobs. That night (Christmas Eve) Santa crashes into the lake by Opus' house and the ducks wake up Opus in order to rescue him. The water was too cold for the ducks. Opus swims out and brings Santa back to shore, safe and sound. Santa tells him that he will fly, and then leaves. The next morning, the ducks show up at Opus' house again, but this time carry him into the sky and lets him know what it is like to fly through the air.
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