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Benji, Zax, and The Alien Prince


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Warner Bros.
Live Action

Characters & Voices
Benji - Herself
Prince Yubi - Chris Burton
Zax - Rig Spiegel
In this series, starring “America’s most huggable hero” Benji, the wonderpooch befriended alien child Prince Zubi and his robot Zax as they escaped to Earth from a faraway planet.

Together, the three tried to keep one step ahead of the goons sent by the planet's evil ruler, who sought to recapture the child prince. Benji one-upped even Lassie with this venture, since the collie could never write "interplanetary peace defender" on his mile-long resume.

Dog actor Benji was a homeless cocker/poodle mix rescued from an animal shelter before catapulting to stardom in the 1960’s primetime sitcom Petticoat Junction. Not content with ensemble work, Benji began a film career in 1974 with a self-titled movie. Among his accolades was being named to the Animal Actors Hall of Fame.

Benji, Zax, and the Alien Prince was taped in Dallas, and actually starred Benji’s look-alike daughter. The short-lived show was the only live-action program of the 1983-84 Saturday morning season.
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