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Captain Video and His Cartoon Rangers!


Original Air Date:
Dumont Television Network
Prod. Co.:
Live Action

Characters & Voices
Captain Video - Richard Coogan
Captain Video - Al Hodge
The Video Ranger - Don Hastings
Dr. Pauli - Hal Conklin
Communications Officer Rogers - Fred Scott
Captain Video and his partner, the Video Ranger, were teamed to save the Earth from all sorts of trouble in this science-fiction show. Although Captain Video was a primetime series, it also ran as a part of the Saturday morning lineup on the Dumont Network, though the title was changed to The Secret Files of Captain Video. The show alternated every other week with Tom Corbett, Space Cadet.

Video and Ranger had their hands full each week, with adventures ranging from a "dome force" that threatened to engulf a city to an attack by unmanned tanks that were programmed to fight until the U.S. President surrendered.

After Captain Video finished its run, Al Hodge returned as the character to host a cartoon show on a local station in New York.

"Captain Video & His Cartoon Rangers!" was seen weekday evenings on WABD TV Ch.5 in NYC From Monday March 26,1956 to Friday August 16,1957. Mr.Hodge's "Captain Video" entertained and informed his "Video Rangers" (His viewers) with craftmaking, hobbies, games, informational segments, stories and interviews with guest performers and personalities inbetween the reruns of The Paramount/ Fleischer: "Betty Boop" movie cartoons and The Paramount/Famous "Casper The Friendly Ghost", "Superman" and "Little Lulu" Movie cartoons.

The show was set against the backdrop of "Captain Video's" secret mountain Headquarters in the future.
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