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Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Paramount Cartoon Studios Production

Characters & Voices
Host/Performer - Paul Winchell
Jerry Mahoney - Paul Winchell
Knucklehead Smiff - Paul Winchell
Creepers - Gil Mack, Jack Mercer
Prof.Schmaltz - Gil Mack
Percy - Eddie Lawrence
Ralph - Eddie Lawrence
The Cat - Dayton Allen
Paul Winchell and his puppet Pals, "Jerry Mahoney" and "Knucklehead Smiff" hosted this Saturday morning cartoon program on ABC TV, which was originally called Cartoonsville. The series featured reruns of Paramount/ Famous' "Modern Madcaps" movie cartoons.

The films featured such characters as "Scats The Cat" (A mean feline who would go after a little boy mouse), "Prof.Schmaltz" (A pompous, bragging scientist who did little more than create malfunctioning devices and brag about false excursions), "The Cat" (A slick feline who did everything with style) and "Jeepers And Creepers" (The misadventures of two dogs, One a hip, womanizer and his nerdy pal).

The series also featured cartoons based upon Comic actor/ writer and mimic Eddie Lawrence's comedy recordings about a bumbling little guy named "Percy" and his unfortunate involvements with a con man named "Ralph".

Winchell and his puppets would engage their viewers with comedy skits, read viewers letters and present informational segments inbetween the reruns of the films. Despite their efforts, Winchell seemed unsuited to hosting a network kids cartoon show and he was replaced a year later by Paramount/ Famous' stalward cartoon character "Casper The Friendly Ghost".

Casper would mc the reruns of "The Modern Madcaps" Movie cartoons and new versions of his own cartoons on "The New Casper Cartoon Show" Saturday mornings on ABC TV for the next few years.
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