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Boondocks, The


Original Air Date:
Cartoon Network
Prod. Co.:
Sony Pictures Television


Characters & Voices
Huey - Regina King
Riley - Regina King
"Grandad" Robert Freeman - John Witherspoon
Uncle Ruckus -
Tom Dubois Star - Cedric Yarbrough
Sarah Dubois Star - Jill Talley
Jazmine Dubois Star - Gabby Soleil
Ed Wuncler - Edward Asner
Ed Wuncler III - Charlie Murphy
Jin Rummi - Samuel L. Jackson
Cookie Freeman - Niecy Nash
Young Granddad - Aaron McGruder
Based on Aaron McGruder's popular syndicated U.S. comic strip, the new animated series from filmmaker Reginald Hudlin (House Party) is filled with biting social-political humour and pure comedy fun. The Boondocks features socially conscious 10-year-old Huey and his aspiring rap-star brother, 8-year-old Riley, both voiced by Regina King. Gruff coach potato "Granddad" Robert Freeman, voiced by veteran comedian John Witherspoon, lays down the law with his constantly battling grandkids and tried to instill common-sense values in these wisecracking inner-city brothers suffering from culture shock in suburbia.


Riley Freeman:
You don't see Riley coming. Mostly because he's very small. Prone to temper tantrums and hissy fits, that doesn't stop him from keeping it gangster. In fact, a great deal of his time is spent hustling up money to get his cornrows rebraided. A generally gangster pastime. In the second grade he changed his name to Riley Escobar. And he recently found a temporary tattoo that said, "Thug Blood" which he transferred onto his stomach. However, most of it peeled off in the bath. So, for quite some time the tattoo read, "Hug Boo."

Huey Freeman:
Future revolutionary. Present day pessimist. Intellectual terrorist. A ten year-old man-child, Huey Freeman attends J. Edgar Hoover Elementary School where he proudly instills an unrelenting awkwardness in white people everywhere. He wants to change the world and he will. Just as soon as he can get a ride.

Who knows how old Granddad is. No, seriously. No one really knows. He's lived a long life. He witnessed some of the most monumental events in history. Malcolm X died still owing him five dollars. He's an avid student of the ancient martial art of Tae Bo. And sometimes, when he's sleeping you can catch him grumbling to his dream woman, Dorothy Dandridge: "I'm not paying for a movie and popcorn Woman!"

Uncle Ruckus:
Uncle Ruckus couldn't hate black people more. Fortunately, despite his appearance, he's part Cherokee, part Sioux and part Navajo with a splish splash of Irish.
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