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Alien Racers


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SD Entertainment

Characters & Voices
Ultrox -
Jek -
G'rog -
Gnarl -
Skrash -
Apex -
Talanna -
Seadrok -
Gamekeeper Kytani -
Warcoil -
Racers, athletes, scientists and warriors from all over the Universe have converged on the planet XENOC to run the most important race of their lives! This astounding demolition race across a constantly shifting, mutating planet will decide who will possess the ultimate power source - XENO-ENGERGY! For eons the energy would collect until it burst off into the Universe, destroying everything in its path. But now it has been contained by the oldest and wisest species in the Universe, the ZENTERRANS. With only a tiny bit of this energy, wars can be fought, weapons created, and illness healed! But there may be more secrets to the Xeno-Energy than even the Zenterrans know - and only our main hero, ULTROX, even suspects the danger. Action, excitement, strong characters and a fascinating science fiction subplot of Universe-shaking proportions - these are the adventures of the ALIEN RACERS!
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