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Characters & Voices
Cloe - Olivia Hack
Yasmin -
Jade - Soleil Moon Frye
Sasha - Tia Mowry
Burdine Maxwell -
Kirstee -
Kaycee -
The "girls with a passion for fashion" are getting their own TV series -- The series follows the adventures of Cloe, Yasmin, Jade and Sasha as they scoop stories for their own teen magazine. Stories that run the gamut from celebrity encounters to unexpected capers to their own everyday teenage experiences -- that take them from Stiles High to exotic cities around the world. Getting the scoop, however, is not always easy. The Bratz must contend with Burdine Maxwell, the evil editor of rival Your Thing Magazine and her two student interns, Kirstee and Kaycee (aka The Tweevils) who will go to all extremes to out-scoop the Bratz and ruin their magazine. In the end, the Bratz always find a clever way to outsmart them and prove anything is possible if you are true to yourself and your friends.
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