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Chuck McCann Show, The


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Live Action

Characters & Voices
Chuck McCann -
Mr. McNasty - Paul Ashley
Count Blugosi - Chuck McCann
With the success of his Sunday morning comedy/ variety kids tv show "Let's Have Fun!", Chuck McCann added a weekday afternoon version of the series.

"The Chuck McCann Show" debuted on WPIX TV Ch.11 in NYC on Monday September 9, 1963. Set against the backdrop of a cartoon village, McCann perform his comedy character skits and introduced NYC's Youngters to The Paramount/Famous/King Features: "Barney Google & Snuffy Smith","Krazy Kat"and "Beetle Bailey" TV Cartoons.

He also tried to surpress the antics of The Paul Ashley Puppets including the mean and trouble making landlord puppet "Mr. McNasty" (A puppet protagonist, who preceeded "Miss Piggey" on "The Muppet Show"). "Mr.McNasty" would try to get rid of McCann by means of various pranks, or by acquring the services of an evil vampire "Count Blugosi" (McCann's parody of Bela Lugosi's "Count Dracula").

"Blugosi" created a shrinking potion that turned Chuck into a puppet. It took several shows and forcing "McNasty" to gain the anidote from the vampire to return the clown to his former self.

The series also screened Universal's "Flash Gordon" and "Buck Rogers" movie serials. More often than not, Guest performers and personalities would visit the show EG: Mort Walker The curator of The Museum Of Cartoon Art and "Popeye's" artist: Bud Sargendorf appeared on the show to help celebrate "Popeye's" Birthday.

"The Chuck McCann Show" Continued on WPIX TV Ch.11 in NYC, until Friday July 30,1965. The series was picked up by WNEW TV Ch.5 in NYC in the fall of 1965.

Set against the backdrop of a junk shop in an inner city office building, "The Chuck McCann Show" was seen weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings on Ch.5 Beginning on Tuesday September 7,1965. McCann and Ashley would entertain their viewers with their comedy character and puppet skits and interviews with guest performers and personalities, inbetween the reruns of The "Sinbad Junior" and "Space Angel" TV Cartoons, Republic Movie serials and "Casper" Movie cartoons until the program finally went off the air on Saturday July 16,1966.
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