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Birthday House!


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Characters & Voices
Paul Tripp -
Ruth Tripp -
Strawtop - Tom Tichenor
Jan Lara -
Kay Lande -
On Monday Morning, April 1, 1963, Paul and Ruth Tripp would host their last kids tv series, "Birthday House!". Set against the backdrop of an enchanted cottage in the forest, "Birthday House". The Tripps and their co-hosts/ performers and instructors, Jan Lara, Kay Lande and "Strawtop The Silent Scarecrow Doll" ("Strawtop" was played by Tom Tichenor, who was also the show's head pupeteer and puppet maker) would help a preschool child celebraite his or her's birthday with their friends.

The Tripps would engage their birthday child and the kid's friends in songs, stories, games, informational segments, craftmaking, hobbies, puppet skits and visits from guest performers and personalities.

Actresses/ singers Pat Crowley (From MGM/NBC TV's "Please Don't Eat The Daises!") and Barbara Feldon ("Agent 99" on NBC/Talent Association TV's "Get Smart") made guest appearances on the show.

The series was seen Monday to Saturday mornings on WNBC TV Ch.4 in NYC and in national syndication. "Birthday House" became a hit with kids, adults and with educators. During the 1964 NYC emmys' broadcast?

WNBC TV Ch.4 won a special citation for it's creation and presentation of "Birthday House". Paul And Ruth Tripp and their cohosts/ performers and educators continued to celebraite kids birthdays on "Birthday House", until the station execs at WNBC TV cancelled the show on Friday September 8,1967.
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