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Chubby Jackson's Little Rascals Show


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Live Action

Characters & Voices
Host/Performer - Chubby Jackson
Casey The Talking Bass Fiddle Puppet - Chubby Jackson.
In 1957,WABC TV Ch.7 in NYC bought the tv rights to "The Little Rascals" Films and aired them weekday evenings, hosted by radio/tv and stage entertainer "Uncle Joe" Bova. Bova's "Uncle Joe" would entertain and inform his viewers inbetween the reruns of the films.

The weekday evenings edition of "The Little Rascals Show" was seen on Ch.7 from Monday September 23, 1957 to Friday September 9,1960. WABC TV Ch.7 in NYC also screened the films weekday mornings beginning on Monday March 23, 1959.

"The Little Rascals" comedies were shown against the backdrop of a clubhouse. Hosted by singing jazz bandleader/ musician/ songwriter/ comic actor and puppeteer Chubby Jackson(Who had mc'd his own kids tv shows including "Chubby Jackson's Little Rascals"on WBKB TV Ch.7 in Chicago, Ill.in the early 1950's). He would entertain his viewers with songs, comedy skits, convesations with his wisecracking, talking bass fiddle puppet "Casey" and perform musical numbers with his own full orchestra. He would also showcase talented kid performers who would perform song and dance numbers, comedy skits, magic tricks, ventiloquism and marching band numbers before the viewers. Jackson would also interview guest performers and personalities on the show, and he would introduce the kids at home to jazz music with his own full orchestra.

More often not well known jazz musicians like Gene Krupa would appear on the program to perform musical numbes and to share his love of music with the youngsters. Unfortuneatly, Chubby's unique kids tv show was not appreciated by Ch.7's programming director Alvin Hollander. Mr. Hollander felt that Jackson's show should be more entertainment oriented and also promote sponsors instead of introducing child entertainers and jazz music stars. Chubby tried to deal with the station management's creative interference but it was for naught. He left the series following it's last broadcast on Friday July 14, 1961. Chubby went to WOR TV Ch.9 in NYC to mc his last two kids tv shows"Space Station Nine!" and "The Looney Tunes Show" (later retitled "The Chubby Jackson Show").
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