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Buster's Buddies


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Live Action

Characters & Voices
Host/ Performer - Buster Crabbe
In 1951 former movie serial hero,Buster Crabbe made his TV debut as the host/ performer and interviewer of this daily kids tv wraparound series.

Set against the backdrop of the bunk house of a ranch foreman, Crabbe would engage his viewers in craftmaking, hobbies, stories, informational segments, games and interviews with guest performers and personalities inbetween the reruns of old movie serials, westerns and comedy films. The series (which was originally titled "The Buster Crabbe Show") was seen weekday evenings on WOR TV Ch.9 in NYC from Monday March 12, 1951 to Friday October 3, 1952. Eventually the series title was changed to "Buster's Buddies!" and the show moved to WJZ (WABC) TV Ch.7 in NYC. on Monday September 21, 1953.

Again set against the backdrop of a ranch foreman's bunkhouse. The program would include a studio audience of kids who would join Mr. Crabbe in games, contests, craftmaking, hobbies, stories, informational segments, and interviews with guest performers and perrsonalities and conversations with the famous film superhero.

"Buster's Buddies" would continue to entertain and inform NYC youngsters until the station execs at Ch.7 closed down Buster Crabbe's TV Ranchhouse for good following the Friday March 26, 1954 broadcast of the show.
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