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Bob McAllister Show, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Live Action

Characters & Voices
Host/ Performer - Bob McAllister
Willie Winkie & Billie Blinkie The silent Clown Twins - Bob McAllister
Salamander Dilly The zany artist - Bob McAllister
Mike Fury The Goody Superhero - Bob McAllister
The man With The Can of Instant Anything - Bob McAllister
Puppet Characters: -
Chauncey - Bob McAllister
Fedilia - Bob McAllister
Seymore The Talking Snake Puppet - Bob McAllister
The Tumbtwangers (Plumber's friends rubber heads with funny glasses and noses, not to be confused with Bill ("BJ") Jackson's "Thumbtwanger Crow Puppets") - Bob McAllister
In the fall of 1968 kids tv entertainer Bob McAllister brought his zany antics to NYC kids when he debuted "The Bob McAllister Show" on WNEW TV Ch.5. First seen weekday afternoons in the early 1960's on WJZ TV Ch.13 in Baltamore,Md. McAllister would perform comedy character and puppet skits in a half hour program that ultilized the wild surreal zanniess of Ernie Kovac's show. The series was so popular that when Sonny Fox left "Wonderama!" in the summer of 1967 one of the station execs at Ch.5 saw Bob's efforts in Baltamore and invited him to audition for the hosting spot on WNEW TV Sunday morning Comedy/ variety kids tv show.

He won the audition and along with mc's "Wonderama!" the station execs at Ch.5 allowed him to recreate his daily comedy kids tv show. McAllister appeared in a series of skits that featured "Salamander Dilly" (A parody of absurdist artist Salvadore Dally) who would turn a blank artist easel into real life happenings (Via blue screen effects), a janitor character would take out a spray can of instant anything and use the items to complete his tasks. "Mike Fury" would talk about his previous superhero accomplishments in double talk and "The Crazy Magician" tried to perform his illustions with typically disasterious results. While "Seymore The Snake" puppet commented on the bizzare goings on.

Unfortunately, the WNEW TV version of "The Bob McAllister Show" was not as successful as the original WJZ TV Ch.13 format and the show was cancelled on Friday September 5, 1969.
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