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Cartoon Zoo, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Tribune Broadcasting Inc.
Live Action

Characters & Voices
Host/Performer: -
The Cartoon Zookeeper - Milt Moss
Cartoon Voices: -
Touche' Turtle - Bill Thompson
Dumb Dumb - Alan Reed Sr.
Lippy The Lion - Daws Butler
Hardy Har Har - Mel Blanc
Wally Gator - Daws Butler
Mr. Twiddle - Don Messick
Comic/ Character actor and mimic Milt Moss returned to NYC kids tv when he was hired to mc WPIX TV Ch.11 NYC's "Cartoon Zoo" in the fall of 1962.

Set against the backdrop of a city zoo, Moss would entertain and inform his visitors to "The Cartoon Zoo" (His Viewers) in games, craftmaking, hobbies, comedy skits, informational segments and interviews with guest performers and personalities inbetween the screenings of Hanna Barbera's "Wally Gator", "Touche Turtle", "Lippy The Lion & Hardy Har Har" TV Cartoons.

WPIX TV Ch.11 was the first NYC based tv station to air the films. "Touche Turtle" was a bumbling, arrogant would be hero who tried to foil villians and help others, but he was unable to go up against big brawny foes and oftimes he had to comprimise to the villians wishes in order to save face. "Dumb Dumb", a big fat sheepdog was his loyal but not too helpful assistant.

"Wally Gator" was a gator who didn't want to spend all of his time in his cage at The City Zoo and he tried to find ways to escape from the zoo which angered the head zookeeper "Mr.Twiddle", who did everything that he could to prevent the troublesome reptile from escaping from the zoo.

"Lippy The Lion" and his sad face hyena pal "Hardy Har Har" were two hapless animals who tried to find work and perform their assigned tasks in order to improve their meager ways of life. But, their efforts were foiled either by their own ineptitude or by the efforts of ego tripping villians and oppertunists.

Moss would continue to entertain and inform his viewers inbetween the reruns of the films until he tried to create and present a contest for his viewers "Name The Calliluee Bird?" This contest was created as a means of getting the kids to use their imaginations and to encourage them to show an interest in animals. The winner of the contest would win a trip to all of NYC's top zoos and museums and a chance to appear with Moss on his show. At first, the station execs at Ch.11 were enthusiastic about doing the contest until they found out that they couldn't afford to pay for all the expenses and they tried to force Moss to stop doing the contest.

Since he heavily promoted the contest and knowing full well that stopping it now would lead to lawsuits of fraud, Moss refused to stop the contest. He stated on the air that he would pay for the winner's trips out of his own pocket. Angered, the station execs at WPIX TV fired him and "The Cartoon Zoo" was closed in December of 1962.
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