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Casey Jones


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Live Action

Characters & Voices
Casey Jones - Alan Hale Jr.
Casey Jones Jr. - Bobby Clark
Cinders ("Casey Jones Jr.'s Dog") - Herself
This filmed adventure series followed the treks of railroad engineer, Casey Jones, as he worked dilligently to keep his train running for the Transcontienial Railroad Co. More often than not he delt with many villians along the way.

But Casey, his fireman (Played by character actor Dub Taylor), his son"Casey Jones Junior" (played by child actor Bobby Clark, not to be confused with former vaudeville, stage and film comic actor Bobby Clark of Clark & McCullough fame and one of the kid hosts of the last version of"Wonderama") and his indian friend "Sam Peacepipe" would aide him in his fight against these fiends and keep "The Cannonball Express" running.

This was Mr. Hale's first tv show that appealed to kids. The show was seen in national syndication from 1957 to 1958. In NYC WPIX TV Ch.11 would air the series on Saturday and Sunday evenings. The show only lasted two seasons and is largely forgotten.

Mr. Hale would not gain tv fame until a decade later when he join the cast of Sherwood Schwartz' and CBS TV's "Gilligian's Island!".
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