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American Rainbow


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NBC TV Network
Mini Series

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Lorne Greene -
Art Linkletter -
Joann Worley -
Jonthan Winters -
Woody Allen -
This mini series of educational kids tv specials focused on American history and on the human spirit. Once a month,"American Rainbow" would air a show that delt with The Arts (Actor Lorne Greene took his young viewers on a tour of NYC's Lincoln Center during the center's 25th anniversary), finding a family (a vietnam boy tries to find his missing foster father when he comes to the USA), "The Boston Spy Party" (a 12 year boy dreams that he helps a group of undercover agents and actor get info about Gen. Burgone's plans to invaide Bunker Hill) and A tour of Washington, D.C. conducted by tv personality Art Linkletter and a group of kids.

"American Rainbow" also aired a program about the creation of everyday items, "Hot Dog", which explored the creation of pencils, popcorn and hot dogs. ("Hot Dog" later became a children's tv news magazine seen on NBC TV's 1971 saturday morning schedule). Bob McAllister ("Wonderama's" fifth and last adult host/performer served as the spokesman for the show's sponsor, Howard Johnson's restaurants and ice cream pallors).
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