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Bratz: Passion 4 Fashion Diamondz


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Get ready to hit the road with the Bratz as they join a cross-country search for some fashion standouts ? and encounter far more "far-out" things than they ever expected ? in this fun-filled trip of a movie!
Signing up for a reality show hosted by their friend Byron, the Bratz take to the road in a truck equipped with its own fashion runway! Their quest? To find teenage fashion designers to model in a glitzy New York fashion show. The prize? Diamond-studded Go-Go boots! But their trip becomes more exciting than anyone imagined when they encounter a haunted town, a hitchhiker and a designer wannabe who seems nice...but isn't! Can the Bratz face their fears in time to attain Diamondz success...or will their conniving competition make them fashionably late? Find out in this exciting Bratz adventure!
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In 1992, CBS aired Frosty Returns.