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Wolverine and the X-Men


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Characters & Voices
Mojo - Charlie Adler
Mystique - Tamara Bernier
Rogue - Kieren van den Blink
Wolverine - Steven Blum
Vanisher - Steven Blum
Mister Sinister - Clancy Brown
Toad - A.J. Buckley
Storm - Susan Dalian
Psylocke - Grey DeLisle
Spiral - Grey DeLisle
Network - Grey DeLisle
Nick Fury - Alex Désert
Senator Robert Kelly - Richard Doyle
Agent Haskett - Chris Edgerly
Multiple Man - Crispin Freeman
Jean Grey - Jennifer Hale
Scarlet Witch - Kate Higgins
Pixie - Kate Higgins
Quicksilver - Mark Hildreth
Colonel Moss - Michael Ironside
Squidboy - Dominic Janes
Shadowcat - Danielle Judovits
Tilde Soames - Danielle Judovits
Magneto - Tom Kane
Abraham Cornelius - Tom Kane
Professor Thornton - Tom Kane
Gambit - Phil LaMarr
Bolivar Trask - Phil LaMarr
Iceman - Yuri Lowenthal
Sabretooth - Peter Lurie
Dr. Bruce Banner - Gabriel Mann
Randy - Phil Morris
Polaris - Liza del Mundo
Cyclops - Nolan North
Pyro - Nolan North
Angel - Liam O'Brien
Nightcrawler - Liam O'Brien
Nitro - Liam O'Brien
Shadow King - Kevin Michael Richardson
Bishop - Kevin Michael Richardson
Boom Boom - Crystal Scales
Yakuza Leader - James Sie
Forge - Roger Craig Smith
Hellion - Roger Craig Smith
Kamal - Roger Craig Smith
Blob - Stephen Stanton
Marrow - Tara Strong
Dust - Tara Strong
Avalanche - James Patrick Stuart
Beast - Fred Tatasciore
Hulk - Fred Tatasciore
Emma Frost - Kari Wahlgren
Magma - Kari Wahlgren
Dr. Sybil Zane - Kari Wahlgren
Christie Nord - Kari Wahlgren
Professor X - Jim Ward
Warren Worthington II - Jim Ward
Colossus - Jim Ward
Domino - Gwendoline Yeo
Vertigo - Gwendoline Yeo
Silver Samurai - Keone Young
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